Heavy-duty exterior cassette screen.

The Harbor, modeled after the industry’s superior shading system, the Summit, is used for unique larger and heavier screen applications. It is our largest enclosure system and is primarily used for exterior applications requiring heavier fabrics or wider widths. Exclusively manufactured and sold by Corradi USA, the Harbor offers even greater protection from the sun and the elements with its heavy-duty size and stability. It also can be supplied with the same track options as the Summit.

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Extremely versatile, the Vista is Corradi USA's premier exterior open roll system.

The Vista open roll system is exclusively manufactured and sold by Corradi USA Inc. Its versatility is shown through its ability to be installed in various shading situations such as and inconspicuous pocket mount, soffit mount and more as well as up to the length of 23’ wide.

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Enjoy your surroundings with the protection and control of Corradi USA’s Exterior Solar Screen systems. Corradi’s extensive line of screen systems can solve virtually every outdoor and indoor sun protection need and provides options for wind, rain and insect protection. Corradi’s versatile screen systems are ideal for all types of commercial and residential applications including offices, restaurants, hotels, resorts or your own home patio.


Signature cassette screen system

The Summit cassette screen is our most popular exterior screen system that provides an assortment of practical and engaging enclosure options. Summit, the shade industry’s benchmark shading system, is exclusively manufactured and sold by Corradi USA and offers a variety of track options that include ShyZip or cable guides. The Summit is available manual, motorized, or automated to fulfill any screen control preference. It also has a special Square Front Cassette option instead of curved for the cassette.

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