Fully enclosed circle cassette awning

Feng. An awning that breaks the patterns of the shading industry with its fully enclosed circular cassette. A unique design element that can adapt to any architectural context. Thinking outside of the square, the new concept of shade has arrived: the well-rounded, the Feng.


Contemporary retractable lateral arm, open roll awning

The Svet is an aesthetic revolution with extreme design, cutting edge performance and its marked aluminum profile perfectly in line with contemporary urban architecture. The Svet’s ability to cover wide spaces makes it particularly suited for bars, restaurants and resorts. A ShadeLab Design brought to you by Corradi USA.


Open Roll Awning

Klip is the classic awning, reinvented. It is the square bar awning that balances innovation with tradition. A versatile sunshade combined with a technologically advanced new design that provides superior functionality. This is consistent with our passion to break down design barriers and offer the most innovative retractable awnings.


A retractable overhead shade with ShyZip rails

Frame is a shade awning that blends with outdoor architecture in revolutionary ways. With shading fabric that traverses horizontally on rails rather than retracting arms, it is adaptable to countless outdoor living applications. This shading system is simple to use and yet so technologically advanced that it is one of the most functional innovations for outdoor shading available today.


Architectural box cassette, retractable lateral arm awning.

No compromise on performance or design. Winner of the 2010 Red dot design award, the Shan is the state-of-the-art of all cassette awnings. When it comes to your house or business, you want a cassette awning that works perfectly and that shades without compromising the architectural lines. The Shan is made for just that.

Corradi's Shading line provides a variety of sophisticated shading options that inspire and enhance any outdoor setting. From the sleek inconspicuous casing of the highly sought after Shan Awning to the outspoken nautical elegance of the Defense Shade Sail, Corradi's Shading Systems are an essential presence in outdoor living and shading design.

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Klip Pod

Closed Cassette Awning

Klip Pod is a Shadelab semi cassette awning developed from the existing Klip. Its unique round protective case is designed to protect the awning fabric when itʼs retracted from rain and other contaminants. It eliminates the need for a protective hood. The rounded terminal profile of Klip Pod completes the sleekness of its design

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